Azureleaf, or Azureleaf Communications, is my LLC, my official “in business” name for taxation purposes. 

I am ellen o’brien, principal, small business “owner,” and “solopreneur.” When corporate life ended for me (by choice) 10+ years ago, I turned an occasional hobby into an opportunity – to connect, to share, to listen, support, teach, guide, nudge, challenge, cheerlead, continue growing and, yes, earn. 

What do I do? I write (and “right”) résumés and LinkedIn profiles; help you prepare for job interviews; develop – and stick to – a job search strategy, identify and shape your personal brand; cultivate your career consciousness; re-energize your engagement and investment in yourself;  and align your career goal-direction actions with your aspirations

How do I do it? I work via referral only with individuals from 18 to 80, in small and large groups, organizations, and corporations. I offer one-on-one consultancy and working sessions, workshops, and speaking/presentations, any/all of which can be tailored to meet individuals’ and group requirements, specific needs/goals, and various audiences. 

It seems people discover me when they’re ready to re/discover themselves. I guess it’s true that when the “student” is ready, the “teacher” will be there! And, you can find me at any of the contact information on this page. 

By the way, the inspiration for the name “Azureleaf” originates with the chakras (the body’s energy system): blue (azure) for communication (the throat); green (leaf) for the heart. It conveys my approach and my intent to my work and my life: to speak my mind – through my heart.

Contact ellen o’brien at:

516.354.7999   ~   516.551.7695

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